No April Fooling! | Jekyll Island Officiant

It may have been April 1, 2014, but it was definitely no April Fooling going on for Candy Royer and Robert Houston.  They arrived right on time for their 7pm ceremony on Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia.  Several close family members were in attendance to show their love and support of these two.

Candy and Robert had gone to school together and after graduation they went their separate ways.  Their lives led them in many different directions before finally reconnecting with each other.  What a wonderful thing it is to finally find the person that makes your life complete!

The music began and the flower girl threw out seashells from a tin pail to prepare the aisle for Candy to proceed to marry her groom.  Robert stood patiently waiting as Candy stood before him.  They listened intently as I read the words of Love from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

Robert and Candy had written their own heartfelt vows to each other.  The vows had been placed inside turquoise and pink bottles that were partially buried in the sand.   When the time came for the vows to be read, Robert pulled the paper that he had written his vows upon, from the bottle and read his words to Candy.  When he was finished, Candy read her own heartfelt vows to Robert.   Beautiful words.  Promises of everlasting love.

The ring bearer held a small brown basket which contained the wedding rings.  The rings were each tied with a tiny ribbon attached to a seashell inside the basket.   As the rings were exchanged, Robert and Candy pledged the rings as a reminder of their constant faith and love to each other.

Heads were bowed, the marriage was blessed, and they were pronounced husband and wife.  They kissed the first kiss as a married couple!

I love it when true love happens!

Wedding Officiant: Carla Pryor
Wedding Venue: Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA
Hotel: The Jekyll Island Club Hotel




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