Ken and Trisha – So In Love | St. Simons Island Weddings

I met with Trisha Jung and Ken Dunn last fall as they were planning their wedding weekend for April 2014.  We met for coffee and chatted about how their love story began.  It was a Halloween Party that both came close to staying home.  The rest is history, as there was immediate attraction between the two and as time passed, they fell madly in love!  It was obvious to me the love was overflowing.  They were adorable as they smiled at each other, finishing each other’s sentences.  We also talked about Ken’s 2 children and the importance of their adjusting to this new family.  The children, Renee and Matthew are the best 13 and 14 year old kids and were completely on board!


The wedding weekend finally came and as the weather man predicted, 100% rain.  No matter.  Trisha and Ken had covered all their bases and the outdoor ceremony on the lighthouse lawn was moved inside The A.W. Jones Heritage Center.  And after all, everyone knows that rain on your wedding day means good luck for a long and happy marriage.


Wedding guests began to arrive and take a seat as the 6pm ceremony neared.  The procession began with the mom’s being seated, followed by the Minister and the Groom taking their place on the stage.  Matthew and Renee came next and stood in place.  Trisha and her father, Bill Jung, stepped through the double doors and began the walk down the aisle.


Trisha was gorgeous in her white full length wedding gown and she glowed with happiness all around her as she approached her groom.  The children participated in the ceremony by accepting Trisha as their Step Mom and vowing to give her love, respect, and honor.  Trisha did the same by vowing to love, honor, and respect them as her own, all the days of her life.


Ken and Trisha repeated their vows and exchanged rings.  A sand ceremony was then performed by all 4 family members.  Four vials of sand, designed and decorated by each one contained a sand color to be poured into a larger vase.  After the sand was poured and mixed and the large vase was filled, it then represented a new and unique family unit.  Just as the grains of sand can never be separated, so shall this family be.


A prayer was said to bless this marriage and they were pronounced husband and wife.  Congratulations to Mr. And Mrs. Ken Dunn and family!


Love organizes our large and sometimes unpredictable world. It is that which enshrines and ennobles our human experience. It is the basis for the peace of family, and the peace of the peoples of the earth. The greatest gift bestowed upon humans is the gift of love freely given between two persons.


Minister – Carla Pryor,

Photographer – Chris Moncus Photography

Flowers – Cottage Flowers

DJ – Island Sound

Venue – A.W. Jones Heritage Center

Caterer – Tasteful Temptations

Lodging – Ocean Inn and Suites



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