Casey and Brett’s Rooftop Wedding | St. Simons Day Of Planner

May 17, 2014 could not have been more perfect for the island wedding of Casey Crump and Brett Peterson.  Casey and Brett have been together for 2 years and began planning this wedding last July.  St. Simons Island was the number one choice for the wedding of their dreams and so the planning began!

Ocean Lodge offered just the right atmosphere and southern beach hospitality for a rooftop wedding and reception for their family and friends.   Their guests could enjoy an ocean view with drinks, dance, and dining from the rooftop of this beautiful hotel as well as their own lodging right under the same roof.


A pre-reception was held at 6pm in the courtyard so guests could mingle while sipping punch and tasting hors d’oeuvres.  The iron gates to the outdoor garden were laden with gigantic moss covered letters of C and B for Casey and Brett.  Beach themed baskets and decor were atop the tables.

The wedding ceremony began at precisely 7pm on the 4th floor roof and pool deck.  Chairs were lined in rows facing the ocean and white rose petals filled the aisle.  The family was seated while all the other guests watched from the 5th floor rooftop, above them.  A perfect birds eye view!

Brett and his cousin Jeff (Justice of the Peace) walked to the top of the aisle and turned to face the guests as Casey and her dad, Ronnie emerged and proceeded down the aisle.  Casey was stunningly beautiful in her floor length wedding gown.  Her blonde hair curled down her shoulders and back.  Brett and Casey were glowing together and so happy to finally be saying their I do’s.

The ceremony was short and sweet and all over in a matter of minutes…literally!  The two were pronounced husband and wife and they sealed it with a kiss!  Everyone cheered as they both walked up the aisle together as a married couple.


The reception was held on the 5th floor rooftop where tables were set and dinner was to be served.  Music was performed by the band DeFunk while guests mingled and enjoyed a glass of wine or beer.  Guests enjoyed the many beach and nautical themed decorations that had been created and crafted by Casey, her sister, Kelly, and her mom, Tat.  Many pictures were set throughout of Casey and Brett, as well as of their 2 pups, Molly and Little Boy.  Individually wrapped cookies designed to portray the 2 pups were given as a favor.  Dinner was a delicious southern coastal cuisine of low country boil, including crab legs, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn on the cob, cauliflower, broccoli, and baby carrots.  The best I’ve eaten anywhere!

After the wedding cake was cut and served, Casey and Brett finalized their way through to see and speak to each person there.  The couple would depart soon, so the guests were directed to grab a sparkler and matches to give them a sparkling send off.  As they descended the front steps of the hotel, Brett and Casey kissed as the guests held their sparklers high and cheered.

What a fabulous day this was!


Wedding Vendors:

Day Of Planner – Carla Pryor

Photographer – 2 Chics Photography

Florist – Edward on St. Simons

Band – DeFunk

Cake – Ashlyn Seckinger, Serendipity

Venue and Lodging – Ocean Lodge


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