I Want To Elope To Jekyll Island| Jekyll Island Wedding Officiant

Cayla Gaither and Dlonzo Taylor eloped to Jekyll Island on Friday, May 30, 2014.  The small elopement was witnessed by their parents, having driven from MI to GA…not a small trek!   Cayla and Dlonzo have been together for 6 years and the weekend of their marriage was finally here.


It was a beautiful day on Jekyll Island and the afternoon turned a bit overcast, but no rain, just a few clouds to keep the heat away.  This was a perfect day for lots of awesome photography, so that’s exactly what was on the agenda.  Cayla and Dlonzo had their photo shoot before the wedding ceremony.  They took advantage of several different historical places on the island which are perfect photo ops.  After an hour or so of photography around the island, they arrived at Driftwood Beach for their planned elopement ceremony.


Cayla wore a short, knee length, white wedding dress that was sleeveless with a satin bodice and tulle skirting.  The matching tulle veil hung at her elbow and covered her long dark hair.  Her heels and nails were purple…as were her toe nails, as seen when she kicked her shoes off to walk in the sand.  She held a gorgeous bouquet of purple flowers to match her accessories.  She was beautiful and truly fancy free!  And let’s not forget the groom!  Dlonzo looked very debonair and handsome in his white tuxedo jacket and black slacks and cumberbun.  His black bow tie was so nice and neat.  The boutonnière was made to match the purple flowers from Cayla’s bouquet.  They were truly ready to tie the knot!


The perfect location was chosen under the massive driftwood trees and the ceremony at last began.  They both stood together and held hands as they committed their lives to each other forever.   They were pronounced husband and wife and Dlonzo kissed his bride!  So sweet and romantic.


Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Officiant – Carla Pryor, http://www.stsimonselopements.com

Photographer – Kathy Lipthratt, http://www.kathylipthratt.com

Flowers – Courtyard Florist

Lodging – http://www.villasbythesearesort.com

Venue – Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA



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