Shannon and Stephen’s Beach Wedding | St. Simons Island Wedding Officiant

May 31, 2014 was a beautiful day on St. Simons Island and the beach at 6 pm could not have been more beautiful for the wedding of Shannon Durham and Stephen McKesey.  Stephen and Shannon are both police officers in Fulton County, Georgia and have been together for 6 years now.  Everyone was elated when they finally decided to have a destination wedding on St. Simons Island, Georgia.  Relatives and friends came from as far away as California and Jamaica to see this couple unite in marriage.


The great folks at Ocean Lodge set the beach up with chairs all lined in rows and 2 tall white columns for an altar.  Pink and white flowing cloth was draped between the columns and blew softly in the wind.  A small table was set up to the right of the columns and held a sand ceremony set of pink and navy sand to be blended together as part of their wedding ceremony.

The music began and any beach goers that were out, remained still and quiet as they kept a watchful eye on the ceremony about to take place.  Both mom’s were escorted to their seats by Jeremiah and Isaiah, sons of the couple.  The groom was handsomely dressed in a white linen suit with a white polo shirt and navy blue docksiders, while his best man wore the same, except a navy blue polo shirt.  The couple’s 3 boys wore white dress shorts with navy blue polo shirts and tennis shoes.  They were absolutely adorable as they walked to their spot alongside the best man.  The maid of honor wore a silvery white, above the knee dress, while the bridesmaids wore a dark pink, knee length chiffon.


Shannon was escorted by her father down the aisle to be presented to her groom.  She looked gorgeous as she wore a beautiful white, floor length wedding gown with empire waist and full skirting that flowed behind her as she walked.  When Stephen and Shannon’s eyes finally met, they both smiled with excitement and happiness that this day had finally come.

Scripture was read before they repeated their vows and committed their lives to each other.  Rings were exchanged as a token of their love.  Shannon and Stephen then poured sand, along with their boys, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Malachi to signify the uniting of the family into one.  Everyone bowed their heads in prayer as the couple and their children received a blessing.  The time had finally come for Shannon and Stephen to be pronounced husband and wife.  They each giggled a little as the words began and then they broke out into a huge smile when they knew it was done!  They kissed joyfully and faced the cheering guests as they were introduced for the very first time as Mr. & Mrs. Stephen McKesey.  The music, “Happy” by Pherrell Williams began to play and they danced across the sand together!  It was awesome!

Guests were invited to join the couple at the Ocean Lodge Rooftop for a dinner reception and dancing.  A good time was had by all!



Wedding Officiant – Carla Pryor, http://www.stsimonselopements

Photographer –

Ceremony Venue – St. Simons Island Beach

Reception Catering & Venue – Ocean Lodge Restaurant & Rooftop Lounge

Lodging – Ocean Lodge

Band – DeFunk





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