Beach Elopement On The Bluff | Jekyll Island Wedding Officiant

Gabriel Collins and Ornessa Jones eloped to Jekyll Island on June 5, 2014.  They were married on the bluff on Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA at 3:30pm with only the sounds of the ocean waves and seagulls nearby.  Although it was warm in the sunshine, the breeze coming off the ocean was cooling to the senses.


Ornessa and Gabe met at the wedding of a mutual friend when they both served as bridesmaid and groomsman.  They have been together for 1 1/2 years now and knew the time was right to go ahead and tie the knot.  All their plans came together for their trip to the coast to be married.


Gabe arrived right on time with Ornessa’s little son, Corey.  The two were dressed handsomely in identical ivory, 3 piece suits, white dress shirts, gold vests, and bow ties.   We stood on the bluff and waited for Ornessa’s entrance as she walked the sandy path to the beach.


Ornessa was so pretty in her white and gold trumpet style wedding gown.  The bodice had a ruffled strapless neckline that showed off the gorgeous triple layer faux pearl necklace and earrings.  She also wore a gold tiara in her hair.  Corey, her son, smiled from ear to ear as Ornessa finally appeared and began her walk to the ceremony location.  He was so happy and his mom looked so beautiful.  He stood in between Ornessa and Gabe and beamed a smile as big as ever, as the ceremony began.


Gabe and Ornessa listened to the words of love and marriage before saying their vows and exchanging their wedding rings.  When they began to say their vows, little Corey was so overwhelmed with happiness, he began to clap.  He was adorable!  The marriage was blessed and they were pronounced husband and wife, at last.  Corey hugged his mom and new dad as they kissed.  So sweet and heartfelt.


Wedding Officiant – Carla Pryor,

Photographer – Kathy Lipthratt,

Lodging –

Venue- The Bluff at Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA




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