The Glow Of The Tiki Torch | Jekyll Island Wedding Officiant

The tiki torch, beach wedding ceremony of Melissa Barnes and Scott Weisel on the evening of June 7, 2014 , was tender, romantic, and with a tropical flair.  I honestly can’t find words for how beautiful it truly was as the glow of the torches shown on the faces of this bride and groom and words of love were spoken.


Much activity on the beach had cleared out by the time the ceremony was to begin, which was exactly what we were waiting for.  The tiki torches were set in the sand in a semi circle facing the ocean and in front of one of the massive driftwood trees.   Lanterns were then placed to line the aisle up to the tiki torch circle.   At dusk, the torches and the lanterns were lit to prepare for the ceremony.


As the sun dropped below the horizon to the west, and darkness approached, I stood with Scott, the groom , inside the circle of fire.  Standing also were Scott’s 2 sons, Justin and Matthew, as well as Melissa’s 2 girls, Payton and Parker.  Scott’s daughter Caitlyn was unable to be there.  Other close family members stood just outside the lit torches.  The cool breeze coming off the Atlantic Ocean was soothing to the senses and such a welcomed relief from the humid, hot, and sultry heat from the sun.


Melissa was escorted by her dad and they walked the lantern lit aisle into the torch lit circle and stood before the groom until the time for her to be presented.  She was the epitome of adorable, her eyes sparkling and warm, and her sweet glow, innocent and fresh.  The dimmed lighting from the torches gave the couple a glow of romance and intimacy that was undeniable.


Family vows were promised to include the children of each to the other.  Children are so honest and genuine.  When Payton and Parker were asked if they would receive Scott as their stepfather and at all times give him their love, their respect, and their honesty, I was expecting the answer, “I do.”  Instead, they answered in the sweetest little girl voices, “Yes, ma am.”  I guess it’s just the southern lady in me, but I do love those little manners!  Definitely brought a smile to everyone’s face, especially mine!


The fire from the torches flickered, casting yellow dancing figures in its shadowy glow.  Scott and Melissa said their vows and committed themselves to the other for a lifetime.  Rings were given and received and the two were pronounced husband and wife forever. As they kissed, they were bathed in flickering firelight together.  Their family cheered and clapped with joy!  Everyone hugged everyone!


Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Planner & Officiant – Carla Pryor,

Photography – Luke Smith,

Venue – Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA

Flowers – Winn Dixie Floral Dept. St. Simons Island, GA






One thought on “The Glow Of The Tiki Torch | Jekyll Island Wedding Officiant

  1. Never have I seen a wedding where such happiness was displayed……..may you grow really, really old together.

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