Ten Year Vow Renewal Surprise| St. Simons Island Officiant

Jennifer and Lee Grider were married at the St. Simons Island Lighthouse ten years ago on April 24, 2004, so it was fitting that when they planned a St. Simons Island vacation 10 years later in 2014, that the idea of a vow renewal sounded awesome!  Lee knew Jennifer would love the idea and so he decided to surprise her with a vow renewal ceremony in the same location as their wedding took place ten years ago.  How romantic!  June 14, 2014 at half past five in the afternoon would be perfect!


So it happened that Lee and Jennifer, along with their 6 year old son, Ethan were walking on the beach and walked up the wooden steps and dock entrance in front of the Lighthouse and Gazebo.  The 3 were standing on the sidewalk taking pictures of the lighthouse when I decided to walk up and say hello.


I was dressed in my black robe, having just come from a wedding on Jekyll Island and asked if they were Jennifer and Lee.  With a surprised look, Jennifer answered, “Yes, how did you know?”  I then asked, “Did you have an anniversary recently?”  Jennifer was astounded at this point and answered, “Yes, we did!”  And finally, I asked, “Would you like to have a Vow Renewal Ceremony?”  Jennifer then turned to Lee with all smiles and said, “Lee Grider!”


We walked over to the Gazebo and stepped inside as the two stood holding hands together.  Their son, Ethan had the camera and took pictures.  I spoke of their marriage ten years ago and how they promised to love, honor, and cherish one another.  The marriage vows were repeated once again, and they recommitted themselves to the other.  Their rings would be the reminder of the strength of their love.  In renewing their vows, they also recommitted their lives to their children and acknowledged the blessings the children are in their marriage.


It was with great pleasure that I concluded the ceremony of renewing the vows of marriage that joined this awesome couple.  So romantic! “You may kiss your wife!”


If ever two were one, then surely we.
If ever man were loved by wife, then thee.
~ Anne Bradstreet ~


Officiant – Carla Pryor, http://www.stsimonselopements.com
Venue – St. Simons Lighthouse Gazebo


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