Jeanna and Kerrick’s Tree Watering Ceremony | Jekyll Island Wedding Officiant

Jeanna Heflin and Kerrick Mapson were married on June 22, 2014 at half past one o’clock in the afternoon in Jekyll Island, Georgia.  The ceremony took place on the beach pavilion at Villas by the Sea Resort with the sounds of the Atlantic Ocean in the background.  Can’t think of a more perfect setting to begin your married life together!


Kerrick and Jeanna are both middle school science teachers in the Georgia Public School System and have been together for three years.  They found each other at a perfect time in their lives, both being divorced with no children, but definitely wanting to have a child one day.


The pavilion was beautifully decorated with long white skirting on the posts and teal flowers formed in circular shapes on the deck floor.  Teal flower balls were hung from the rafters between each post, as well as single teal flowers dropped all around the pavilion deck.  A small table was placed at the entrance to the beach and held the small bamboo tree.  The tree was formed to grow into the shape of a heart and was planted in a container with the wedding date of 6.22.14.  Also sitting on the table were two glass cylinders of water, each inscribed with each of their initials.   J for Jeanna and K for Kerrick.


Jeanna chose her two best friends for a Maid of Honor and a Matron of Honor.  Both were beautifully dressed in floor length gowns of dark tan crepe chiffon and gorgeous matching bird’s nest veils.  They carried bouquets of tan, teal, and white flowers.  Both Maid and Matron were right by her side to see to her every need and to make any adjustments to her wedding gown.


Kerrick and his Best Man were handsomely dressed in light tan suits and white shirts.  They sat on the wooden bench around the sides of the pavilion and waited for the ceremony to begin.


At last the time had come and all the attendants were standing in place as Jeanna, the bride, walked the long boardwalk to the Pavilion.  Jeanna stood before her Groom and the ceremony began.  She was exquisite in her white floor length, strapless wedding gown of satin and lace.   The gown featured a dropped waist and pick ups on the skirt with a sweep train.  Simply perfect for the trend setting bride.  Jeanna also wore a gorgeous bird’s nest veil and carried a beautiful bouquet of white flowers and jeweled brooches.


The two stood together and listened to scripture of love and marriage.  They looked into each other’s eyes and said their heartfelt vows of love and commitment before repeating traditional vows of wedded partners.  Rings were exchanged as a token and pledge of their constant faith and love.


Jeanna and Kerrick took part in the Tree Watering Ceremony to symbolize the roots of their relationship and the continued growth of their love.  Like the tree being watered today, their marriage will also require constant nurturing and nourishment. Kerrick and Jeanna will plant this tree at their home to always be a symbol of their love for each other.


After a prayer, the couple was pronounced husband and wife and Kerrick kissed his bride!  Joyful jubilation!  Those whom God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.



Wedding Officiant – Carla Pryor,

Photography – Kathy Lipthratt,

Venue & Lodging –


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