Heather and William’s Cord of 3 Strands | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner & Officiant

July 3, 2014 was a hot, steamy day on St. Simons Island, so naturally I found the groom, William Nelson and his best man, Brandon and friend, Ryan taking a break at the bar and enjoying a refreshment before the festivities began.


William was dressed in khaki slacks and a white shirt with sleeves rolled up. His unique boutonnière was a starfish. Brandon, the best man wore khaki shorts and a mint green shirt with rolled up sleeves. His boutonnière was a starfish, as well.


As the guests were taking their seat on the oceanfront lawn, Heather, the bride was taking care of the final touches on her wedding gown with help from her sister and maid of honor, Paris, as well as her mom, Tammy. Her long blonde hair was styled into a side braid and curled ponytail with starfish pins and she wore shoes that were mint green to match Paris’ bridesmaid dress. Little Axel, two year old son of Heather and William was dressed in khaki shorts and white short sleeve shirt. He also wore a mint green bow tie. He was adorable! Heather’s bouquet was of white lilies, daisies, and roses…so pretty. Brandon, her brother was ready and waiting to present his sister to her handsome groom.


Hurricane Arthur was bearing down on the NC Coast and producing heavy winds for the coast of Georgia. Looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, dark clouds were forming and moving in. We knew we had to get this wedding started or chance getting caught in a downpour.


The music started and the moms were both seated on the front rows. William and I walked to the center front and stood to wait for the procession to begin. Paris and Axel proceeded to the front and took their place, as well. Axel carried a small box that held the rings, while Paris carried a small bouquet of daisies. The guests all stood as Heather walked down the aisle on Brandon’s left arm. She was so pretty and her blue eyes twinkled as she saw her groom for the first time. William was in awe of his beautiful bride and they glowed when they finally held hands together. Brandon presented his sister to William and then stood in place as William’s best man.


Heartfelt vows were given by each and followed by traditional Christian vows. Rings were exchanged as a token and pledge of their commitment to each other. Little Axel was precious as he opened the ring box to present the rings that had been tied together with a mint green ribbon.


The Cord of 3 Strands was chosen by Heather and William as a symbol to allow God to be at the center of their marriage, woven into every aspect of it. In braiding these three strands together, William and Heather demonstrated that their marriage is more than a joining of two lives together. It is a unity with God as well. Ecclesiastes 4:12 reads, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”


Heavy winds began to blow and rushed the ceremony a bit, but not before Heather and William were pronounced husband and wife and a sweet loving kiss from William. Mr. And Mrs. William Nelson, at last!


The reception was held in the Retreat Room inside the King and Prince Hotel with a full oceanfront view. As always, the food served by the King and Prince was delicious and the guests made their way through the buffet line to enjoy the bounty. After dinner, the beautiful wedding cake was cut and each guest was served the delicious wedding cake as toasts were made from William, his mom Ronda, and Brandon. Everyone in attendance then gathered together for a group shot in front of the picture window ocean view.


As the evening began to wind down, Heather and William danced their first dance to “Angel” by Aerosmith. They kissed ever so sweetly while they danced. So in love!


Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Planner and Officiant – Carla Pryor, http://www.stsimonselopements.com

Photography – Luke Smith, http://www.lonepine-photography.com

Flowers – Linda Stewart, http://www.brunswickflowerbasket.net

Wedding Cake – Ashlyn Seckinger, https://www.facebook.com/serendipityssi

Hair Design – http://www.imageartisansstudio.com

Ceremony Venue – http://www.kingandprince.com

Reception and Catering – http://www.kingandprince.com

Lodging – http://www.kingandprince.com





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