It’s the best day of your life!

This is your wedding day and it’s all about you.  Every T has been crossed and every I has been dotted.  All the details have been taken care of and the stage is set for a perfect day.  You have hired all the best vendors and everything is going to be just the way you dreamed it would be.
Except… Your bouquet is not what you thought it would be.  Your grandparents are running an hour late.  Your groom’s mom has her feelings hurt.  The cake is not the flavor you requested.  It’s raining.  The minister is stuck in traffic.  Your false eyelashes are driving you insane.  Your cell phone is blowing up.  Your wedding gown is tighter than it was when you bought it.  And so you cry.  
What I want to tell you is this:  This is the best day of your life.  Don’t allow anything or anyone to change that.  No matter what happens, remember the reason you are here today.  You are marrying your soulmate, the love of your life.  Nothing can happen to trump that.
You want to look back on your day with happiness and love.  Don’t allow negatives to change your attitude.  At the end of the day, you will be married to your best friend, your partner in crime, your true love.  And isn’t that all you ever really wanted in the first place?


2 thoughts on “It’s the best day of your life!

  1. Carla, My name is Brenda Elman Salter, I am a Bridal Consultant// Wedding Event Planner. i graduated from Penn Foster. I reside in Savannah,Ga.. I am very interested in working in the above fields. If at any time i can be of any help to you are your company.. Please do not hesitate to call upon me. t would be a pleasure to help you in anyway i can. i worked./ trained under Ms Karen Moore (Redefining Moments).

    I can be contacted at (912) 2384218 (home) (cell) (404) 723 8732.

    Anything that you can do for me, in this most important matter.WILL BE MOSTLY APPRECIATED

    Looking forward in hearing from you.soon.

    Brenda Elman Salter
    . \

    • Hello Brenda,
      Many times I need an extra assistant to help with large weddings. I will definitely keep you in mind. I think highly of Karen Moore and would look forward to meeting you. Thank you for your interest.

      Carla Pryor

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