Elopement Made Easy | St. Simons Elopements

Enjoy your engagement time together without all the worry and the stress of picking out colors, food, music, attendants, flowers, cakes, venues, or who to invite.


Marriage Advice From A Wedding Planner | St. Simons Elopements

I would say that my husband, Minor and I have one of the most tender of love stories and longest of marriages of many couples, these days. Our relationship began less than a year before we married, 37 years ago in 1977. To this day, we still smooch, hold hands, wrap our arms around each […]

I Now Pronounce Ya’ll Husband And Wife | St. Simons Island Destination Elopement Planner

During the ceremony, I couldn’t help but notice these two giggling softly to themselves throughout. It was my thick Southern accent….which was one of the reasons they had chosen me. They were actually hoping I would use a “Southern” wedding ceremony, saying, “I now pronounce ya’ll husband and wife.” I had to giggle too!

Purple Sand | St. Simons Island Destination Wedding Planner

You know…I love performing wedding ceremonies for people that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, were meant to be together. The look on Tom’s face when he saw his bride for the first time says it all…Priceless. What an amazing blessing!

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now | St. Simons Island Destination Wedding Planner

Nothing was going to stop these two from having the wedding of their dreams, not even a wave or two rolling in over their feet while they were saying their heartfelt vows that each had written. Their Minister friend, Mike, pronounced them husband and wife and the tide rolled in to take its beach back once again. Luke, the photographer captured some awesome photos including group beach photos of the entire guest list dressed in their matching black wedding attire.

Shower The People You Love With Love | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

I recently had the opportunity to perform the wedding ceremony for a beautiful bride and handsome groom, here on St. Simons Island. Everything was a dream come true for the couple and their families, as they had rented the most magnificent estate on the tip end of Gould’s Inlet for the week of the wedding. The weather was just as accommodating as cool breezes flowed throughout the warm days to supply much comfort and relaxation to the wedding families and their guests.

A Dream Wedding Elopement | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

What could be more romantic than a wedding on the beach? The sand, the surf, the sunrise or the sun setting over the beach, the sound of seagulls and the waves lapping on the shore…it seems fairy tale perfect . . . a dream wedding.