It Could Happen To You

I never thought it would really happen, but it did. The bride and groom had purchased a little elopement package from me which included an hour of photography and the officiant, plus recommendations.  This package was for the couple and less than 4 guests.  Several months out from their wedding date, the bride told me […]

The Sand Ceremony | St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

A sand ceremony for a wedding lasts about 3-4 minutes and describes meaningful joining of two lives. It involves two containers of sand, usually of different colors, one representing the life of the bride and the other representing the life of the groom. Both bride and groom hold their respective containers and together, pour the […]

A Stress Free Wedding Ceremony

A well planned ceremony will make for a wonderful celebration, whereas a terrible ceremony leaves potential to set the tone for the remainder of the day.  You will want to be prepared and take care of the small details, before your ceremony begins.  As a wedding planner and coordinator, these are a few “lessons I’ve […]